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Where were you when you heard the news? What was your reaction? Today we talk about the varying responses of loss and the importance of releasing that pain. 


Leaving a Legacy 2: Do you Remember the time?

Listen as Theresa White continues the discussion of the type of legacy you leave the future generations.


3 Ways to Help with Loneliness during the Holidays

What do the lonely do for the holidays? Here I share 3 tips for those lonely during this time of year.


Leaving a Legacy 3: How Will you be Remembered?

Theresa continues the topic on leaving a legacy to the future generations. What are you leaving? How will you be remembered?


New Year's Resolution: Leaving a Mark

Don't just make a resolution for you, but make think about how what you do today can change the present and future for the generations to come.


7 Reasons to Listen to Holiday Music!

Join me as I talk about some favorite songs during the holidays and their emotional benefits.

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